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Precious Metals & Gemstones

In our workshop studio we create unique and sophisticated, hand made pieces of jewellery using the most precious metals and gemstones found in nature.

Most precious metals have been used to make jewellery for many centuries. This is because they have properties which render them excellent for the purpose.


These metals are ductile which means they can be drawn into wires and malleable which means they can be hammered or pressed permanently into shapes. They are ideal for making jewellery.


Sterling silver is a white coloured metal and is relatively soft. Pure silver is 99.9% pure and is generally too soft to produce functional objects therefore the silver is usually alloyed (mixed) with copper to give it strength.


Sterling silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. The hallmark for Sterling Silver is 925.


Gold is a yellow metal. Pure gold is  known as 24 carat. It is too soft to make jewellery so it is alloyed with other metals to give it strength and sometimes to change its colour.


9 carat gold is 37.5% gold and can be hallmarked 375 or 9ct or 9K.


14 carat gold is 58.5% gold and can be hallmarked 585 or 14ct or 14K.


18 carat gold 75% gold and can be hallmarked 750 or 18ct or 18K.


22 carat gold is 91.6% gold and can be hallmarked 22ct or 22K


White gold is gold that has been alloyed with white metals to change its colour. It can have a grey or yellowish grey tone. It is usually plated with rhodium to give a very shiny white finish.


Rose gold is gold that has been alloyed using copper to give it a pink hue.


Platinum is a white metal. It is very dense and is both malleable and ductile. It is usually alloyed to 95% and doesn’t require rhodium plating. It is rarer than gold and therefore more expensive.


Gemstones have fascinated people since ancient times. In past centuries they were reserved for the ruling classes, the wealthy and powerful. Today all of us can enjoy wearing beautiful gems.
Traditionally the “precious” gems are Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby. “Semi precious” refers to softer stones of perceived lesser value, however today many semi precious gems can be more valuable than “precious” gems.
The variety of gems available today gives us almost unlimited choices of colours and cuts. At Jason McCulloch Manufacturing we can help you find the perfect gemstones whatever the occasion. Whether you love the traditional or need something unique we can source all types of stones.
 January  Garnet  Red, also pinkish red, orange, green
 February  Amethyst  Purple
March     Aquamarine  Light blue
 April  Diamond  White, also pink, yellow, champagne, cognac, black
 May  Emerald  Green
 June  Pearl   White, also cream, golden, pink, black and dyed
 July  Ruby  Red
 August  Peridot   Light green
 September  Sapphire   Blue, also yellow, pink, clear, green, black
 October  Opal   Multi colours
 November  Topaz   Light blue, also yellow
 December  Turquoise  Blue – green, various shades

Ceylon Sapphire

Sapphire is the traditional Birthstone for September. It comes in a variety of colours, however the one pictured here is a Ceylon Sapphire which is a delicious cornflower blue colour, enhanced by 2 small diamonds.


Ruby is the traditional Birthstone for July. It is usually red. This example is a Natural Star Ruby which is a cabochon cut (meaning no facets) and reflects a star that appears to move around the stone. It has a magnificent pinkish red hue.

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