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Professional Care and Maintenance

Caring for your precious jewellery is best not left to chance. We can professionally maintain your jewellery collection for you. It is advised that you have your jewellery checked by a qualified jeweller at least once a year and a professional clean and polish will have your collection sparkling and brilliant again in no time.


Fine jewellery is made from precious metals and gemstones. These materials are not indestructible and, in fact, can be quite easily damaged during normal wear.


There are precautions that are easy to take and can save you a lot of time and expense in the long run and keep your jewellery looking clean, polished and brilliant for longer. Read on.


Precious metals are extremely soft (they are not like steel) and therefore require extra special care.


Precious gems vary in hardness but even diamonds (the hardest of all) require careful maintenance to remain beautiful.


Gold and silver will scratch and tarnish with normal wear and precious gems can be scratched, chipped or broken  completely if they have a knock (even your diamonds).


To prevent potential damage and as much wear as possible, take your jewellery off when you get home, especially rings, they should not be worn while doing house work, gardening, washing up etc.


Your jewellery will remain much cleaner for longer if you remove it when showering or bathing and especially in chlorinated water. Soaps, shampoos, creams, hair spray etc leave a film on your jewellery making it appear dull.


Jewellery should ideally be stored in a box with separate compartments to prevent it getting scratched or damaged by other pieces.


Jewellery should be cleaned on a regular basis between your yearly visits. Using a soft dry cloth to wipe over your collection as you put it away will help prevent tarnish and a built up of dirt. Jewellery polishing cloths will help remove more stubborn tarnish.

If you require information on maintaining any of your jewellery please contact us we are happy to give you the expert advice you require. Phone us on 02 49 571 610



Professional Clean & Polish

If you have a special occasion coming up, you'll no doubt pay special attention to what you'll be wearing. Don't forget your jewellery, come in and have your favourite pieces brought back to sparkling brilliance.


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