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Remodeling of old Jewellery

Our tastes can change over the years and sometimes jewellery is damaged beyond repair or simply wears out.


If you have pieces that you no longer wear, we can help you design something really special and remodel those pieces into something that is uniquely yours, whatever your style.


Have you been handed down a family heirloom and wondering if it’s safe to wear? We’ll check it over for you and restore where possible. Otherwise most stones can be reset into a new piece of jewellery or remade in the same style to commemorate your loved one. Don’t hide those pieces away, we take the utmost care and respect remodeling these special pieces.


Hand crafted jewellery of the highest quality standards is our specialty, it is what we do best. All of our beautiful and sophisticated pieces of jewellery are designed and created right here in our workshop studio, using centuries old methods as well as modern state of the art techniques, ensuring the kind of quality, style, durability and longevity only found in a handmade piece of jewellery.

Phone Us on 02 49 571 610 for an appointment or come in to the workshop studio.


New from Old

Here is the begining of a new ring crafted using the diamond from the customers original engagement ring, pictured in the background, and 18ct yellow and white gold which you can see in the foreground.


Below is the finished piece. we added a new 1ct plus diamond to compliment the original diamond. A wonderful way to celebrate their 20th Anniversary by incorporating their original ring.

See some of our Jewellery come to life from design stage through manufacture to finished piece Click here
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